Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local Union 562.

Our Mission

To provide our signatory contractors with a highly skilled workforce. To unify our contractors and members working together and maintaining safety, profitability, and quality to the highest standards.

How Secure is Your Future?

Have you ever lost your job because your Employer:

  • Lost a major customer
  • Laid you off to hire someone else
  • Laid you off because you filed a compensation claim
  • Declared bankruptcy
  • Fired you for submitting travel or gas receipts
  • Fired you because of a work refusal because you had a safety concern
  • Other unjustified reason


If You Lose Your Job, Will Your Employer?

  • Help you find another job
  • Guarantee your wage at your next job
  • Continue your health insurance
  • Pay you weekly benefits if you get hurt or sick
  • Ensure that you will be given equal opportunity to be hired from a large group of employers in the area


Working on a tubular metal component


Worker wearing a welding helmet


Enough is Enough

Have you been treated unfairly?

  • Mistakes on your paycheque
  • Lost wages due to bankruptcy
  • Arguments over hours worked
  • Unfair disbursement of overtime hours
  • Irregular starting and quitting times
  • Refusal to pay travel expenses
  • Failure to sign you as an apprentice
  • Fired without just cause 


Local 562 Sheet Metal Worker's International Union and You

  • You will be treated fairly
  • You will have a voice
  • You do not have to stand alone
  • You have a network of contractors you can be hired by
  • Opportunity to work for other local unions through our local to local referral system
  • All Sheet Metal Worker Unions have negotiated contracts and procedures (enforceable in Federal Court if necessary) to handle all grievance s and disputes
  • Training Courses - First Aid, CPR, Forktruck, Broderson and Welding, and more. All government regulated safety courses.


Myths About the Union


The Union does not want us they just want the Company.

It does not benefit us to organize the company and cut the employees loose. The union has long understood that the only way we can ensure decent wages and working conditions for all sheet metal workers, is to manage the supply of skilled manpower.


If the Union comes in, they will get rid of us and bring in their own people.

Again, this will not benefit us in any way. We want you to become union members and stay employed with your current employer.


If I get laid off in the Union, I have to sit on the out of work list and starve.

SMWIA Members have more employment opportunities that non members. SMWIA Members have the opportunity to work for all union contractors. SMWIA Members also have the option of traveling to other local unions for work, through our local to local referral system.


The Company will not be able to compete.

The SMWIA is committed to organizing all Sheet Metal workers in the province of Ontario. The SMWIA is currently working on Market recovery programs to keep our contractors competitive in today's market. By sticking together as Sheet Metal Workers, and demanding respectable wages and working conditions, we can ensure that all contractors are bidding work on a level playing field.




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