Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local Union 562.

Welcome to Local 562


“Working Together for a Better Tomorrow, for you and your dependents.”

Our Mission Statement

The Sheet Metal Worker’s International Association is a labour union.  We serve, protect and raise the living standard of skilled men and women throughout Canada, the United states and Puerto Rico in the construction, manufacturing, railroad, roofing and shipyard industries.  We strive to establish and maintain through signatory employers, desirable working conditions and thus provide for our members and their families that measure of comfort, happiness and security to which every person is entitled.  In return for his or her labour from a deep sense of pride in our work through a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.


Union Dues

What are union dues and what are they used for?

Union dues are the monthly contributions made by each union member to maintain them in good standing with the union.  No union member can work for any of our contractors unless they remain in good standing with their union dues; therefore, it is vital that your dues are paid in a timely manner.

Your union dues are used to represent you in the industry.  At Local 562, we have a Business Manager, Lawrence Coulis.  Local Organizer James Villeneuve and Colleen MacKenzie as your Office Administrator.  All these people work on your behalf.

When should union dues be paid?

Union dues should be paid before the end of each month.  It is actually best to be paid a few months in advance, that way there is less chance for any errors.

You will not be notified when your dues are behind, also no notice will be given until you become suspended.  Once you become suspended, you are no longer eligible to work for any signatory contractor under our collective agreement.

Benefits of having union dues paid in advance:

If your dues are paid one month in advance, which means you are paid up for September before the end of August, this gives you extra benefits as a member.

The International Association offers accidental death and dismemberment and loss of vision plan.  To be eligible for this, you must have your union dues paid in advance.  There is no cost to you other than keeping your dues paid in advance. 

Another benefit should your health and welfare bank become depleted; you may be eligible for extended benefits.

At the end of the year, you will receive a tax receipt from Union Benefits Plan Services for all union dues paid in that calendar year.

Note: This does not include initiation fees.  It is very important to make sure that if you move or change your phone number that contact the hall as soon as possible to notify us of the changes.

How do I pay union dues?

When it comes to paying your union dues, Local 562 will accept cheques, email transfers, pre-authorized bank withdrawals, debit and cash.  Unfortunately, credit cards are not accepted.  You can also mail in post dated cheques or come into the office to pay with debit, cheque or cash.  If you choose pre-authorized withdrawals from your bank account or email transfers a $1.00 fee is added to your dues. Pre-authorized withdrawals are payable on the 28th of the preceding month.  Please do not mail cash or leave cash in the outside mailbox.

What happens if I don’t pay my union dues?

Your union dues are in arrears once you fall two months behind, on the first day of the third month you will become suspended.  You can be re-instated once the two months dues are paid and a re-instatement fee is paid, $250.00 is the fee.  If you are four (4) months behind on the first day of the fifth month you will forfeit your membership.

If you are under suspension, you can no longer work for the contractor you are with or any other signatory contractor of Local 562.